Snowy Pea and the Ghost Crab - A Book For All Ages


A Book For All Ages by Di Saggau

Island Sun, Dec. 10, 2010 

Snowy Pea and the Ghost Crab is a new children’s book by Sanibel resident Kyle L. Miller, illustrated by Randon T. Eddy. While it is written for ages seven to 11, lucky is the adult who gets to read the book. Miller’s cast of characters helps to identify birds and other critters found on Southwest Florida beaches, while engaging readers in a story about a tiny snowy plover shorebird whose greatest wish in life is to hatch her eggs.

Miller says the story was written not only to entertain and educate, but also to bring awareness to the reader of how difficult the survival of many species has become in our world. The beautiful little snowy plover has become endangered on the Pacific Coast and threatened on the Gulf Coast because of loss of habitat due to predators, human interaction, and weather.

We first meet Snowy Pea running around in circles and zigzags, dragging one of her wings in the sand, trying to look injured in order to distract a predator that could eat one of her eggs. She soon meets a small ghost crab who, unlike most crabs, doesn’t eat bird eggs. Ghosty promises to help protect the nest. Along with a host of many island birds, including Paulie Pelican, Edna Egret, Ringer Ringbill Gull and Iris Ibis, The Snowy Pea Protection Plan is formed to keep predators from gobbling up the eggs. They come up with some ingenious ideas.

The book is imbedded with life lessons in courage, teamwork, independent thinking and forgiveness. Dr. Sidney B. Simon, professor emeritus, education, University of Massachusetts, and Sanibel resident, writes: “Snowy Pea and the Ghost Crab is thrilling, suspenseful, and a great educational tool. Kyle Miller knows how to weave a tale and teach at the same time, and the brilliant illustrations by Randon Eddy match every twist and turn. The birds and animals the kids and grownups meet in this charming story will be remembered forever.”

Holly Moulder, award-winning author and former Teacher of the Year writes: “An engaging story, charming characters, and lots of interesting facts about shorebirds make this book the perfect choice for any young reader or family vacationing at the seashore.”

Miller has a description of the characters listed at the beginning of the book so readers can become familiar with the names and images of the wildlife. Her narrative teaches how to identify them. For example, on page 25 when Snowy Pea meets a helpful gull: “I’m Ringer Ring-bill. I’m a gull, and I have a black ring around my bill. That’s one way you can tell me apart from Joker (a gull who likes to tell jokes) and other gulls. My bill is very sharp, so don’t worry, I will peck anything that comes close to your eggs while I’m on watch.”

Snowy Pea and the Ghost Crab is a wonderful gift for any young reader. It sells for $16.95. You’ll find it at Island Book Nook, Sanibel Island Bookshop, MacIntosh Books & Paper, Bailey’s General Store, Jerry’s Supermarket, Toys Ahoy, Amy’s Something Special and CROW Gift Shop.

Miller is also author of DILLO - A Baby Armadillo’s Adventure on Sanibel Island and the owner of Jungle House Publications.

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