Ed-U Conference Presentation By Kyle L. Miller



Kyle Miller is a FPA member, a full-time author/publisher, with a passion for wildlife and teaching.  She earned a MS Degree in Physical Education and Coaching from Ohio University, and a MA Degree in Counseling Psychology from Slippery Rock University in PA.  In 2005, Kyle wrote her first wildlife storybook for children, DILLO – A Baby Armadillo’s Adventure on Sanibel Island, (ISBN – 10: 0-9769332-0-9, ISBN - 13: 978-0-9769332-0-5), a fictional chapter book featuring 14 real animals in the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.  After considering her options, Kyle decided to self-publish and formed Jungle House Publications.  In 2007, she was nominated for the 2007 Angel of the Arts Award, for Literary Artist of the Year, presented by The Alliance for the Arts of Lee County, Florida.  In 2009, DILLO won the Eric Hoffer Award for Legacy Fiction – Runner Up, and was placed on the short list for the DeVinci best cover category.

Newly released in September, Kyle’s second book, Snowy Pea and the Ghost Crab, is a 64 page, fully illustrated fictional chapter book about a snowy plover’s quest to hatch her eggs with the help of 12 other shorebirds and a maverick ghost crab (ISBN – 10 0-9769332-3-3, ISBN: 13 978-0-9769332-3-6).  With the publication of three books, a coloring book, and two teacher’s guides, the Jungle House “brand” is emerging as a source for children’s books that not only entertain and teach about wildlife, but impart many life lessons in the process.  In addition to writing and publishing, Kyle is available for school, library, and group presentations.

Kyle Miller can be reached at Jungle House Publications, Sanibel, FL, phone: 239-472-0599, e-mail: junglehousepub@yahoo.com, and www.junglehousepublications.com.

Kyle’s Presentation: “What I Learned at IBPA’s Publishing University.”  Kyle describes herself as a newbie publisher still on the uphill curve of the publishing business.  As the IBPA/FPA Scholarship recipient, she was excited to learn that the 2010 PubU Conference offered three major tracts, 1. Getting Started, 2. Making a Living, and 3.Growing Your Business.  Kyle chose to focus on the first tract, Getting Started: Where Am I Now, Where Do I want to Go, How Do I Get There?  She will share her experiences at the 2010 PubU Conference and Book Expo America and the answers she learned from the classes she attended.  Among the topics she will discuss are, highlights from the conference, publicity and promotion, retail and/or etail, and building online visibility.

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