GARY ROEN - ROEN'S LIBRARY writes "... wonderful story that should find many different audiences..."

Reviews by Gary Roen - 2008
DILLO - A Baby Armadillo's Adventure on Sanibel Island
Kyle L. Miller, Illustrated by Randon T. Eddy
ISBN 10 - 0-9769332-0-9
ISBN 13 - 978-0-9769332-0-5

Marmma Armadillo delivers four babies.  Their names are Lillo, Pillo, Jillo, and Dillo.  Normally I have a problem keeping each character straight when the names are so similar but this time that difficulty does not exist.  As the children grow Dillo's three sisters are consumed with jealousy.  They feel their mother loves Dillo more than them.  They hatch a plot to get rid of her.  They take Dillo out into the wilderness and leave her to fend for herself.  She also has a little problem.  She can't stop smiling no matter what is happening around her.  She is scared but finds encounters with other animals of the area are not as bad as she has been led to believe.  They quickly become her friends.  When she needs them, they are there to help without being asked.

Kyle L. Miller has created animal characters that are well defined, interesting, and fun.  But I have to add that the backdrop of Sanibel Island is also part of the mix of this delightful tale.

I loved this book that is geared to children but is just as appropriate for adults with its many messages.  The artwork by Randon T. Eddy adds another dimension to the work that helps move the story along.

Schools and parents should use the book to apply lessons to children on how to get along with each other.  This is a wonderful story that should find many different audiences.  I look forward to seeing what this creative team comes up with next.

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