WRITER'S DIGEST writes "...books lesson on being 'brave and wise" a good one"...

14th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards - 2007

DILLO - A Baby Armadillo's Adventure on Sanibel Island, written by Kyle L. Miller, Illustrated by Randon T. Eddy

This is a lovely book, thoughtfully prepared, and beautifully written!  The map is a nice touch, as is the information on Bailey Tract and the animals and vegetation in it, both in the pages before the story begins, and at the book's end.  Separating the animals into 'friends' and 'foes' is clever.  The birth scene is gently told with just enough detail for it to be realistic, but not so much detail to confuse a younger reader.  That Dillo is different from her sisters, and is kicked away from getting food makes her an instantly sympathetic character: yet the sister's reaction to her is also understandable since Dillo does seem to get special attention from her mother.  Dillo's plight of being lost should generate much sympathy from a child reader, adding to the character's likeability.  Yet there's humor too, as when Dillo thinks Bob Cat wants to eat her for dinner.  The writing is very well done, musical and poetic, and nicely advances the story.  The characters are well developed and likeable, yet behave in 'real animal' ways.  The illustrations are beautifully done and help make the animals come alive; they all look realistic yet have such expressive faces.  The book's lesson on being 'brave and wise' is a good one, as are all the subtle lessons on accepting and understanding each other: for instance, the Bob Cats need to eat meat; the way all the characters band together at the end to help defeat Snout.

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